What is Piso?
Piso is the currency you use to buy gifts and items for rooms on Shtyle.fm.

How do I earn Piso?
You earn Piso by doing various activities on Shtyle.fm.

10 Piso: Each day that you login to Shtyle.fm.
Easiest way to earn! Don't forget to login everyday!

3 Piso: When someone rates your photo.
Add photos

9 Piso: When someone leaves a comment on your profile.
Talk to friends and family everyday and earn Piso at the same time!
(You can only earn once for each person that leaves a comment in one day.)

10 Piso: For every new friend who registers on Shtyle.fm from your invite.
Invite friends & family
(The friend must not already be a member of Shtyle and should register using your invitation.)